HIV is a lentivirus that taints the cells of the body and assaults the insusceptible framework making a man sick and effortlessly presented to any infections. It can be transmitted through unprotected sex, blood combination, and even cuts or open tissues in the body. In light of factual records, there are around 2.7 million individuals in 2010 determined to be contaminated to have HIV. Today, it is evaluated that there are around 34 million individuals who are living with HIV around the globe. The disturbing number of individuals tainted with HIV keeps on developing and this turning into a worldwide scourge. HIV contaminates cells of the resistant framework-The HIV contamination brings about crumbling of the insusceptible framework, incapacity of fundamental organs to work regularly, and separating the capacity of the body to battle hurtful microorganism and different sicknesses. On the off chance that HIV is not treated, it can soon prompt Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. This is the most noticeably bad phase of HIV contamination were more diseases and other tumor related-issues happen.Great Post to Read at chance of getting hiv

HIV can be transmitted in a few ways-Unprotected intercourse or oral sex (butt-centric or vaginal) with a HIV Positive individual, Transfusion of blood, Sharing of syringes, needles and other pointed-sharp instruments, Breast nourishing by a contaminated mother or amid pregnancy and labor, Exposure to open tissue or wounds, HIV is known as the world’s unmistakable irresistible executioner. It has been recorded that there are around 25 million individuals in complete who have as of now passed on as a result of HIV/AIDS and an expected 1.7 million individuals perished in 2011.

As indicated by 2011 HIV measurements, 3.34 million of the aggregate HIV constructive individuals are kids. A large portion of the kids living in sub-Saharan Africa are contaminated by their moms amid pregnancy, conceiving an offspring, or breastfeeding. There are more than 900 infants who are being contaminated by the infection every day. Around 57% of HIV positive pregnant ladies got the most dynamic and successful medication regimens to keep the HIV infection mother-to-youngster transmission.

HIV is likewise the most grounded risk consider for creating dynamic tuberculosis. Around 430,000 tuberculosis related-passings around the same time, happened among HIV constructive individuals. Mix Antiretroviral Therapy or ART keeps the augmentation of the HIV infection. HIV if not treated promptly may prompt demise. However today, multiplication of the HIV infection might be ceased and counteracted through ART. With this treatment, the resistant cells of the body ready to live more and work to give security from diseases. On the off chance that a HIV constructive individual experiences ART, his/her accomplice (HIV-negative) will have a lesser danger of being tainted through sexual transmission. Today, the scope of ART consistently increments in all low-and center pay nations. In general, 54% (near 15 million individuals ) of the aggregate individuals determined to have the HIV are qualified for treatment.

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